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JX817 Junxing archery arrow rest good for recurve bow

JX817 Junxing archery arrow rest good for recurve bow

  Hitop 60Inch 50 Lbs Takedown Traditional Arrows Archery Bow Arrow Prices Stg Archery Supplies Bow For Archery Equipment d:85 mm; D:180 mm; B:41 mm; B1:mm; rs...
  • JX817
  • 13.14
  • 6220DDU
  • 1
  • 180
  • 0.05
  • 122
  • 34
  • 111
  • ecat_NSRDGB
  • 13.14
  • 121.5
  • 3.17
  • 2400
  • 2
  • 0.05

JX817 Junxing archery arrow rest good for recurve bow specification

SRI:13.14 hidYobi:6220DDU
LangID:1 D_:180
SREX:0.05 C:122
B_:34 da min:111
hidTable:ecat_NSRDGB SRE:13.14
da max:121.5 mass:3.17
GRS rpm:2400 ra:2
SRIX:0.05 D_a:169
SRIN:-0.05 C0:93
fo:14.4 SREN:-0.05
DE_:165.9 Prod_Type3:DGBB_SR_DD
d:100 DA_:25.4
bomp:0 Z_:10
yobi:6220DDU C_conv:122000
ALPHA_:0 SDM_:140.5
r:2.1 KBRG:6161
SBRG:2 DI_:115.1

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Hitop 60Inch 50 Lbs Takedown Traditional Arrows Archery Bow Arrow Prices Stg Archery Supplies Bow For Archery Equipmentd:85 mm; D:180 mm; B:41 mm; B1:mm; rs Dynamic (Cr):3 mm; Static (Cor):100.630 kN; Pu:37.600 kN; Grease:1.460 kN; Oil:3 300 min-1; with cylindrical bore:4 000 min-1; with tapered bore:1317;
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Archery Recurve Bow For Shooting New Design SPG Archery XSbow F1 Wooden Riser Laminated Limbs 68'' Tag Recurve Bow For Shootingd:85 mm; D:125 mm; d1:125 mm; D1:88 mm; H:31 mm; rs (min):1 mm; dynamic Cr:104.940 kN; static Cor:264.000 kN; Pu:11.710 kN; Grease:2 000 min-1; Oil:2 700 min-1;
Wholesale Cheap Archery Beginner Shooting Takedown Recurve Bow For Huntingd:90 mm; D:155 mm; d1:155 mm; D1:93 mm; H:50 mm; rs (min):1.5 mm; dynamic Cr:236.640 kN; static Cor:556.000 kN; Pu:21.960 kN; Grease:1 100 min-1; Oil:1 500 min-1;
High Quality Archery Hunting Bow 40LBS Beginner Practice Shooting Takedown Metal Recurve BowSKU:23072ejw509c08c3-timken; Availability:In Stock; Weight:107.00 KGS; d:360mm; D:540mm; B:134mm; Dynamic Load Rating (kN):2840; Static Load Rating (kN):4610; Limiting Speed Rating (r/min):770; Reference Speed Rating (r/min):900; Cage Type:Steel; Seals or Shields:Open Type; Clearance:C3;
Bow and Arrow High Quality JUNXING F179 Archery Recurve Bow For Competition And PracticeBore Type:Tapered Bore; Enclosure:Open; Configuration:Double Row; Roller Profile:Symmetric; Center Guidance:Floating Steel Ring; Retainer Material:Pressed Steel; Nr. of Holes:6; Weight:12.000 kg; d:120 mm; D:215 mm; B:76 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:2.1 mm; Groove Width A:13 mm; Hole Diameter (do):6 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:860,000 N; Static Load Rating:956,000 N; Limiting Speed - Grease:2,500 rpm; Limiting Speed - Oil:3,300 rpm;
30- 60lb laminated archery takedown recurve bow for hunting and shootingd2:70 mm; D:125 mm; B:39.69 mm; rs (min):1.5 mm; r1s (min):2.2 mm; F:85 mm; E:mm; d2 (max):mm; b:mm; b1:mm; s:4.5 mm; Dynamic (Ca):178 kN; Static (Coa):261 kN; Pu:31.830 kN;
56 inches American Hunting Bow 30-50lbs Draw Weight FPS170-190 Recurve Bow Hunting Archery Bow AccessoryDesign Unit:METRIC; Bearing Weight:0.30 Kg; Cage Type:EM; UPC Code:087796296640; Cage Material:Brass; Superseded Part:22206YMWSLBC3; d:30 mm; D:62 mm; B - Inner Ring Width:20 mm; B - Outer Ring Width:20 mm; R - Inner Ring To Clear Radius1:1.0 mm; r - Outer Ring To Clear Radius2:1.0 mm; da - Inner Ring Backing Diameter:38.000 mm; Da - Outer Ring Backing Diameter:56.0 mm; C0 - Static Radial Rating:56800 N;
SPG Archery Adult Using Hunting Practice Complex Material 58" Recurve Bows on Saled:600 mm; D:920 mm; B:310 mm; B1:212 mm; Dynamic (Cr):5809.2 kN; Static (Cor):12480; Pu:828.240 kg; Bearing designation:PLC 512-49; Weight:690;
New Design Outdoor Fiberglass Bow Archery Hunting 40 Lbs Take Down Recurve Bow and Arrow Archeryd:20 mm; D:47 mm; B:20.6 mm; rs:1 mm; Dynamic (Cr):12.774 kN; Static (Cor):6.553 kN; Pu:0.298 kN; Grease:15 000 min-1; Oil:18 000 min-1; Bearing designation:63204; da:25 min; Da:42 max; ra:1 max; Weight:0.146 kg;
Hi Top 15-45Lbs Bow Arrow Prices Archery Kit Left Handed Hunting Bow Beginner Sport Junxing Archery Bow Compoundd:100 mm; D:135 mm; d1:135 mm; D1:102 mm; H:25 mm; rs (min):1 mm; dynamic Cr:95.310 kN; static Cor:268.000 kN; Pu:10.790 kN; Grease:2 000 min-1; Oil:2 700 min-1;



F179-120 mm - - - 76 mm - - -
56-30 mm - - - - - - -
40-20 mm - - - 20.6 mm - - -
M120-30.112 mm - - - 20.638 mm - - -
15-45Lbs-100 mm - - - - - - -
40LBS-360mm - - - 134mm - - -
58"-600 mm - - - 310 mm - - -
30-INA - 4.5 mmmmmm39.69 mm85 mm - -
60Inch-85 mm - - - 41 mm - - -
JX817-100 - - - - - 2.1122
F1INA85 mm - - - - - - -


JX817 Junxing archery arrow rest good for recurve bow Video


Archery Archery Junxing 740 Target Bag Recurve ...

Super Strong and Light Weight Target Bag · Made BY Junxing · Suitable for crossbow,compound and Recurve Bow.


Designed for Left & Right -handed use High strengthened nylon riser and fibreglass limbs Game shooting recurve bow. Currently unavailable.


JUNXING SUPER 740 - 40x40x20CM TARGET FOR CROSSBOW. Item No. A048027. Best Seller. A048027_1.jpg. Hover to zoom | Click to enlarge. A048027_1.jpg.

Junxing Target bag - YouTube

We test out the Junxing Target bag at Kangaroo Island Target archers range. ... XL 60# Target bow.https://archeryshop.com.au/p/9385364/junxing.YouTube · Archery Supplies · Oct 13, 2019

JUNXING SUPER 740 Archery Target - 40X40X20CM - eBay

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Junxing Target Super 740 40x40x20 cm for crossbows

The target for crossbows Junxing Super 740 40x40x20 cm is a bagged model that is available at a very competitive price. It can be used with all types of ...

Junxing Super 740 40x40x20cm Archery Target

Junxing Super 740 40x40x20cm Archery Target. This archery target can be used with both bows and crossbows. Its dimensions are 40×40×20cm. More Info.

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